Prime Day 2019: The Best Camera Accessory Deals on Amazon

Prime Day 2019: The Best Camera Accessory Deals on Amazon


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The Essentials: A selection of accessories that every photographer must have..


Whether you’re an experienced photographer or a developing newbie, you should always have essential camera accessories close at hand. You never know when that perfect shot will present itself. Best to be prepared.

(Pro tip: Keep a photo journal as you grow as a shooter. Then, use it to create your own customized list of accessories. That way, you and your photo equipment are always ready to go when that decisive moment happens.)

With that in mind, here’s are some must-have camera accessories from this year’s Prime Day specials.

VSGO DKL-18 UES DSL Camera Lens Cleaning Kit

Amazon Prime Day: Best Camera Accessories

Keep It Clean: Dust specks, spots, and smudges kill good images. Keep your lenses clean.


Dust specks, spots, and smudges are the bane of every photographer’s existence. First, they are unavoidable. Second, they are time-consuming to correct in post-production. As a result, it’s far better to reduce or eliminate them by carrying a lens-cleaning kit in your bag. The VSGO DKL 18 includes a lens cleaner, a lens cleaning pen, mini air blower, five microfiber cleaning cloths, a suede cloth, and ten wet wipes. It will keep your lenses and filters free of them will not only help improve your pictures, but your lens surfaces and seals will also last longer.

ZOMEI Z699C Carbon Fiber Portable Tripod

Amazon Prime Day:  Best Camera Accessories

Rock Steady: Sometimes a full-size tripod isn’t convenient. Fortunately travel tripod are.


A camera with built-in vibration reduction is invaluable. But it’s far from foolproof. Consequently, if you really want stable images, you’ll need a tripod. Unfortunately, lugging around a full-size tripod isn’t always convenient. That’s why a portable travel tripod is ideal. The Z699 offers plenty of stability in any environment without a lot of extra weight thanks to its carbon-fiber construction. Best of all, it’s compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm and other major camera and video brands.

Hohem iSteady Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

Amazon Prime Day: Best camera accessories

No More Shakes: Eliminate shaky or blurry footage using a gimbal like this one from Hohem.


Stability is also essential when shooting video, especially if done on the fly with a smartphone, which is more capable than ever before. Using a gimbal like the Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer—a 3-Axis phone gimbal with face tracking for Android Smartphones and iPhones—will eliminate shaky or blurry footage to help your videos look better than ever before. It is sleek, lightweight, easy to use, and offers almost 360-degree rotation.

Picture Keeper 32GB Portable Flash USB Photo Backup and Storage Device

Amazon Prime Day: Best camera accessories

Mistakes Happen: Don’t lose precious memories, backup your images.


Backing up your image files should always be a top priority. As Elvis Costello famously sang, “Accidents will happen.” The Picture Keeper is more convenient than a full-size backup drive or laptop computer, which is key on the go. Plug it in, launch the app, and start to copy all of your photos and videos onto the thumb drive. The process is simple.

Polaroid Optics 40.5mm 3-Piece Special Effect Filter Kit

Amazon Prime Day: Best camera accessories

Optical Illusion: Even in the digital era, Lens filters have a purpose—make your images better.


Filters still serve a purpose—even in the age of digital photography. The most common use is for managing tricky lighting conditions when shooting. Filters help minimize glare and reflections, enhance colors, reduce light coming into the lens, and more. Each one is built to deliver a specific effect that can help enhance the final look of an image. As impressive as Instagram filters are, these are the real thing.

Zendure 45W Power Delivery Portable Charger 

Amazon Prime Day: Best camera accessories

Power Packed: Never run out of juice again. Carry a portable charger.


Zendure has made a robust Power Delivery portable charger (20100mAh) that is capable of charging a wide range of devices. It will boost anything that requires a USB connection, meaning video cameras, tablets, and even some point-and-shoots. It has a rapid charging rate and highly durable. You will benefit from having some external power.

GripGear Director’s Set

2019 Prime Day Camera Accessories

Be A Pro: Shoot video like a pro.


Capture and create Hollywood style shots without the big budget. The Directors Set includes the original Movie Maker 2 remote controlled electronic slider, the Micro Dolly and a 360-degree panorama head. With 9-speeds and multiple mounting options, automatic and manual modes, you will get silky smooth camera motion at any angle. Plus, the Directors Set is easy to use.