This 40-inch TCL LED HD TV is on sale for under $130 on Amazon

This 40-inch TCL LED HD TV is on sale for under $130 on Amazon

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The TV can be mounted on a wall, or you can use the included pedestal display to have it sit right on your console.

This 40-inch TCL LED HDTV offers amazing picture quality for a great value. Normally $269.99, you can order it from Amazon today for just $129.99 — a $140 savings.

If you really wanted to, you could go to someplace like Walmart or Best Buy right now and pick up a brand new TV with all sorts of bells and whistles: 4K resolution, AI functionality, voice control, an OLED or QLED display, yadda yadda yadda.

But sometimes you just want your TV to be, well, a TV — not a smart home device, not an all-in-one home theater. Just a TV that works like a TV — an affordable, easy-to-use display on which you can binge the latest season of Stranger Things for the nth time this week. Is that so much to ask?

Not according to Amazon, it isn’t: For a limited time, the retail giant is having a (pre-Prime Day) sale on a 40-inch TCL LED HDTV. It’s nothing fancy, but it’ll make everything you watch look great — and you can order it today for under $130.

As part of TCL’s 1-Series lineup, the display utilizes direct LED backlighting to produce vivid contrasts, plus a full HD screen resolution of 1080p to keep details sharp. Its sleek design features ports for both HDMI input and USB, in case you want to hook it up to another device or view multimedia, respectively. There’s also a built-in digital TV tuner tucked in there so you can access popular network TV shows in HD without needing extra cords.

This TCL display comes with its own quad pedestal stand for easy setup, but the TV’s super thin bezel lends it well to wall mounting, too. You’ve got options, here.

TCL’s 40-inch LED HDTV typically retails for $269.99, but you can snag one from Amazon today for just $129.99 — a savings of $140, or just over 50%.