Choosing the Right Tablet for Blogging and Writing On the Go

Choosing the Right Tablet for Blogging and Writing On the Go


Whether I’m working from home, the nearest coffee shop, or the office, I’ve been lugging my beloved laptop wherever I go. Then, while I was sitting at my favorite bistro the other day, I saw a woman pull a tablet out of her moderately sized purse and begin to type furiously on the screen. My world was forever changed.

Choosing the right tablet for a writer on the go.

I realized that I don’t need my laptop (even though it is small) to write my blog articles or to write a quick Twitter post. I could be using a tablet that’s half the size and infinitely more portable. While I’ve never enjoyed creating a 500-word blog post on my smartphone, the idea of using a tablet that could handle two-handed typing and offer a screen large enough that I don’t have to squint until my eyes hurt, proved to be appealing.

Which Tablet is Right for Blogging?

I wondered what type of tablet would be best, and I started to research different options. I found these favored tablet options and have listed them for you here.

  • Apple iPad Air 2 – Offering a special retina display and an anti-reflective coating that reduces outdoor glare, the iPad Air 2 is perfect for photo editing, games with high-quality graphics and video editing. With a long battery life, this tablet is impressive. However, it is more than I need for my work.
  • Google Pixel C – Google’s newest entry is the closest to a dead laptop as any tablet can be rated. The clear screen, high-end design, and surprisingly fast performance make this tablet attractive for anyone looking for an Android option.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – In an effort to rival Apple’s revolutionary iPad product, Microsoft’s tablet is slimmer than before with a slightly larger screen. However, the Surface Pro 4 is designed for use with a snap-on keyboard and fold-out kickstand that turns it into a virtual laptop.
  • Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 – With audio-enhancing technology and Amazon’s patented Firefly function to identify items, the Fire HDX 8.9 features an easy-to-use operating system. The links to using Amazon Prime to download and stream movies and television shows makes this tablet a perfect choice for children and families.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab E 7.0 – The rail-thin, featherweight design and brightly colored screen make the Samsung Galaxy Tab E7 perfect for travel. Rivaling the iPad for clear picture and a wide screen, this tablet works well for reading, using apps and surfing the Internet.

Mobile Tech Review does an awesome job presenting reviews and “smackdown” comparisons for just about any tablet/device. Below is a slightly older YouTube video that gives you an idea of the tablet comparison as well as what is available on YouTube if you need to research more options for your perfect tablet for writing.

The Right Tablet for Blogging

After examining many of these options, I am leaning toward the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy. It fulfills all my work and leisure needs. Granted, I still have my faithful iPad (the original), but who says we can’t upgrade when needed?