Why Canadians value mobile banking and weather apps so much

Why Canadians value mobile banking and weather apps so much

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Managing finances and staying prepared for any type of weather are two constant factors for Canadians. So it’s no wonder that a recent survey conducted by RBC shows that the majority of Canadians say their weather (60 per cent) and mobile banking apps (63 per cent) are two of the most useful and valuable apps on their phones.

Still, while the majority of Canadians have embraced checking the weather forecast online or through a mobile app, some are still sticking with tradition when it comes to managing their finances, and as a result, may be missing out on all of the benefits available to them.


While in the past we may have had to rely on folklore and myths that had been passed down through generations to predict the weather, new technology has led to Canadians being able to see what the day and week will bring at the touch of a button.

The same goes for personal finances. Forget about pulling out pen and paper when it comes to budgeting and keeping track of your finances in your head. With the abundance of digital tools available, you can do everything from checking in on your spending habits and setting up automatic savings plans, to leveraging the power of predictive technology to help you find more money to save.


The reliability and accessibility of banking and weather apps are just some of the reasons why they are so highly valued by Canadians. By having the ability to access your bank or weather information whenever your phone is on hand, users have more control and a better understanding of their options.

What do the experts say are some of the best features of these favorite apps?

  • Banking apps are valued for their ability to allow you to quickly check account balances, electronically transfer money, check due dates for credit card payments, and easily manage your finances on-the-go.
  • Weather apps present all of the most important weather forecasts and news within seconds. Hourly and long-range forecasts are displayed with detailed precipitation radar, so you can plan your day within minutes of any incoming rain or snow.

Given the endless impacts weather and personal finances have on Canadians, it’s understandable that many choose to rely on their weather and finance apps, like the RBC Mobile app and the Weather Network app each day.