Constant Monitoring Of Your Facilities Power Quality Is Smart Business

Constant Monitoring Of Your Facilities Power Quality Is Smart Business

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Most businesses require a consistent, uninterrupted, power supply that is of good quality. Machinery and equipment can become damaged by voltage spikes, harmonic disturbances, power interruptions and other power related issues. In extreme cases, problems with the power quality can halt business operations. For businesses such as data centers, this represents a catastrophic problem. It is best to remain proactive and reap the benefits of a system that constantly monitors power quality.

Instant Detection

The biggest and most obvious benefit to constantly observing power quality is that, if or when issues arise, you will be able to detect and address problems quickly. Catching a problem early minimizes its impact and paves the way for a quick turnaround to normal business operations.

Development Of A Baseline

When there is a constant and ongoing analysis of the power quality of a facility, a detailed baseline is able to be developed. With this baseline in hand, predictions of future power needs and an evaluation of how current electrical parts and components are performing can be seen.

Gather The Most Accurate Information

In some cases, the best option for managing and monitoring a facility’s power quality is by employing both a building management system, BMS, and a critical power management system, CPMS. The BMS is a computer-based system the serves the role of controlling lighting, security, fire and power systems. The CPMS works in conjunction with the BMS to monitor normal and emergency power systems. Between the two, precise and accurate information about a facility’s power quality details.

It is vital to stay on aware of the power quality of your facility. As is the case in many instances, catching problems early provides the best results. Facility management systems are designed for just this, but if your facility doesn’t currently utilize a BMS system, then there are other tools available to you. A handheld harmonic analyzer , for instance, can be used to detect harmful harmonics in AC current. Whatever the means, the key point is to stay proactive in looking for problems.