Fortnite Not Available on Xbox One in India, Epic Games Explains Why

Fortnite Not Available on Xbox One in India, Epic Games Explains Why


Fortnite Not Available on Xbox One in India, Epic Games Explains Why


  • You can’t download Fortnite on Xbox One in India
  • Epic Games did not launch the game on Xbox One due to lack of servers
  • It is however, considering a launch in the future

Popular third-person shooter Fortnite is the cynosure of all eyes following its release on iOS. One of the biggest pillars of its success is developer Epic Games promoting its cross-play, cross-progression features. What this means is, you can play the game on PC and PS4 or Xbox One and continue playing on iOS or eventually, Fortnite Android with your progress and purchases syncing between devices. And while Fortnite’s issues with getting Sony and Microsoft to play nice regarding cross-platform play have been well documented, Fortnite is not available on Xbox One in India. You can’t download Fortnite Battle Royale via the India Microsoft Store and you can’t buy Fortnite Save the World either. Epic Games explained to Gadgets 360 why this is the case.

“Because we want to make sure Xbox players have a good experience, we have not shipped on Xbox in India due to data center proximity concerns. We want to make it available in the future, however,” the company confirmed to Gadgets 360 via email.


This statement from Epic Games is telling. It implies that the developer plans to have Xbox One Fortnite servers in India eventually. But with multiple Xbox One games missing from India such as Sonic Mania, Dead Rising 4, and even indies like Firewatch and Virginia it will be interesting to see Epic actually does put servers in India. Reason being, the Xbox One isn’t as popular as it should be due to a series of poorbusiness decisions. With industry insiders pegging the Xbox One user base at around 30,000 consoles versus the PS4’s 250,000 units it probably doesn’t make commercial sense at the moment. Though considering that Microsoft India is looking to expand its reach in the country, this could change in the future.

At the moment, gamers in India can play Fortnite on PC, PS4, and iOS (provided you have an invite). The lack of servers for Fortnite on Xbox One while being the reason for the game’s no show on Microsoft’s console doesn’t mean it can’t be played at all. If you want to play Fortnite on Xbox One you can do so by changing you region. It’s how we got the game running on the Xbox One despite having an Indian account. You can check out how to do so with our handy guide.