Guide on How to Record Music from SoundCloud

Guide on How to Record Music from SoundCloud

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SoundCloud is a place where musicians promote their music by uploading it for all to listen. At SoundCloud, you can find all types of music recordings contributed by experienced musicians. You might be wondering how you can download some sound tracks from the SoundCloud site onto your computer since there is no download button.

Even if there is no download button, you can still copy it to your MP3 player by using a screen recorder like Movavi Screen Capture for Mac to record it. Movavi Screen Capture for Mac can record any audio played on your speakers and let you save it various audio formats.

It is very easy to use Movavi Soundcloud downloader for Mac to record an audio track. You must first open the SoundCloud website and go to the page of the sound track.

Next, you must launch Movavi Screen Capture for Mac and check the system audio option. You don’t have to select a screen area with the crosshair cursor because you are not making a screencast movie. The system audio button will be green in color when it is enabled.

Besides the audio button, there is a volume slider for you to adjust the audio recording volume. You can adjust the volume level to the highest so that the recorded audio will be loud. It is important to plug in your audio speaker and make sure it is recognized by the software.

If the speaker is working, it will be detected and you will see the sound bar moving up and down when there are sounds on the speakers. You can automate the recording session by setting the timer. The timer function can be accessed through the Capture menu. You can set how many minutes to wait to start or stop the recording.

To start recording, you must press the REC button. Pressing the REC button will not automatically start the recording. You’ll have to wait for the 5 seconds countdown timer to end before it will start the recording. So, you should click the play button of the audio player at SoundCloud site just before the countdown reaches zero.

When it is recording, it will show the Recording word on the red bar above. The amount of time that has been elapsed and file size are shown on the recording panel. It reminds you how much space your hard disk will have after saving the recorded podcast in case you are not aware of the available free space on your hard drive.

If you need to stop the recording, you just have to press the stop button and save the file in a suitable audio format. In the save mode, you can move the markers to clip off the front or end part that you accidentally record and not part of the audio song track. You can access the most recently recorded podcasts or screencast from the recent drop down menu. To delete a recent recording, you can click the x button.

Movavi Screen Capture for Mac also provide a pause option in case there is no internet connectivity and you want to resume the recording later. Movavi Screen Capture for Mac allows you to export your audio podcast into 6 types of audio formats including WAV and MP3. It can be used to record music and sound clips not just from SoundCloud but on other sites as well. You can save the recorded podcast in a format that can be played on your iOS and Android devices.