Heat and Sensor Technology behind Crafting of Mica Band Heaters

Heat and Sensor Technology behind Crafting of Mica Band Heaters

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Did you know mica band heaters are crafted with a mica core wound with wire? Mica band heaters are sought-after because of their efficiency. Additionally, they offer an economical solution for heating cylindrical surfaces that require external indirect heating. Mica band heaters provide an ideal solution for high watt density and temperature application.

Crafting of mica band heaters includes the use of nickel-chromium resistance strips. The strip is used as a heating element. It is wound on a dielectric material to ease heat distribution evenly. A mica core enclosed in a metal sheath is used to insulate the heating element.

The external sheath around the mica core is imperative in enhancing dielectric strength, improving insulation, hastening heat transfer, and prolonging heater life. Mica band heater Manufacturer can customize the heater to suit different application requirements.

It is essential to consider varying facets of the mica band heater before integrating it into its operation. When operated correctly, the mica band heater offers a wide range of benefits.

Mica band heaters may incorporate varying sized holes, cut-outs, wattages, voltages, dimensions, and materials. Thermocouples in mica band heaters are essential in controlling temperature more accurately.

Mica band heaters can be applied in:

  • Plastic extruders
  • Container pipe
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Tank heating
  • Injection molding machines
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Food industries
  • Blown film dies
  • Laboratories

Standard specifications of Mica band heaters

  • Voltage: 120 V and 240 V
  • Maximum sheath temperature: Operates up to 900 off/ 425OC
  • Watt density: 45 W/in2Terminal enclosure: Moisture-resistant or regular terminal box
  • Minimum diameter: 2 inches
  • Minimum width: 1 inch
  • Regular gap: 3/8 Inch
  • Control: Thermostat or Thermocouple

Functions of Mica band heater parts

Mica insulation: Mica core is ideal for resistance to moisture and provision of excellent electrical insulation.

External metal sheath: It is suitable for ensuring good thermal conductivity. The sheath encompasses corrosion resistance properties at elevated temperatures.

Terminal box: It is imperative in protection against exposed terminals. Drippings and spill-overs are guarded against the terminals.

Stainless steel screw terminals: Provides firm connection and maximum amperage capacity with the winding.

Clamping band design: Aids in eliminating air gaps at the contact. Ideal for firm contact with the cylinder surface and maintaining clamping pressure.

Lead protection: Essential for deterring abrasion.

Benefits of Using Mica band Heaters

Easy to install and repair. Mica band manufacturers can recycle external ceramic components.

High thermal efficiency: Clamping straps assure efficiency in heat transfer

High operating temperature and fast temperature rise: The low mass design provides a quick heat-up response.

Heating symmetrical precision: Mica band heaters are suitable for a variety of geometric shapes of steel heating.

Environmental friendly: The mica heater can set up an automatic control system.

Mica band heaters feature high impact toughness and good thermal and dielectric strength.

Incorporates low application cost. Mica band heaters integrate a long life of service.


Mica band heaters are constructed with reasonable configuration, stable features, and a beautiful appearance. Expandable mica band heaters allow easy installation as you can open to the diameter of the barrel. Rectangular/box mica band heaters are suitable for heating dies on plastic extruders. Mica band heaters can be customized to integrate slots and holes for special mounting needs.