How To Prepare for the Next Big Game Day

How To Prepare for the Next Big Game Day

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CoachUp Nation | 6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Big Game

Sports play throughout the year, giving you 52 weeks of fun competition to view over a big screen. Not all games are blockbusters, but every month or so, the big one is coming. Are you ready to host the best viewing? It’s time to prepare now so that when your team is prepared to hit the field, you can enjoy the game and not worry about interruptions.

Go Big With the Menu

Sports and food go hand-in-hand, so consider what you want to feast on as you watch slam dunks, field goals and touchdowns. Typically, guests enjoy a good spread that varies with different tastes and textures. Chips and dip work well with the burgers and dogs; however, you may want to hit up the grill to produce hearty meat. Be sure to mix salty and sweet, and, if you’re daring, go for a theme to fit your team.

Have Back-Up Supplies

What is the worst thing that could happen that day? Sports enthusiasts, I would think, would find a loss of broadcast at the top of the list. Evaluate the possibilities. You could lose electricity; the internet could go out; something could break. In these cases, what would you do? Have an old-fashioned radio on hand, find a friend with a generator, and have some rf combiners and couplers on hand to keep that connection going.

Ensure Your Audio Is Stellar

It could be hard to hear with lots of people over, so have a solid audio system rigged to keep things loud enough for everyone. Hopefully, you’ll be screaming a lot for big plays. Pump it up!

Next game day, you’re in charge, so make the most of it by planning for it now. Have delectable foods, tv connections that last and a sound system that impresses your guests.