List of Phones that will support Android O in India and when the update will be available

List of Phones that will support Android O in India and when the update will be available


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Google will launch Android O on August 21 and there is a lot to look forward to in this new update. It has already been confirmed that the new version will introduce picture-in-picture mode to phones and tablets, colorized notifications, adaptive icons, a systemwide autofill API, improvements to Bluetooth audio, and so much more. Reports have also pointed out that Android O features Project Treble, which aims to fix Android’s fragmentation problem. Even though the name of the new version has not been made public, there are various rumours doing the rounds. Interestingly, the Android O launch will also collide with the solar eclipse.

One question that you must be asking is that when will Android O be available for your phones. In the past, Indian phones have delayed to roll out the updates. Here is a look at which phones might support Android O in India:

1. Samsung

Samsung sells the most number of phones in India and going by its past record, Galaxy J5 and J7 2017 should pick up the update along with J7 Pro and J7 Max. Since Galaxy S7 got the Nougat update in January, the same might happen with S8 next year.

2. Xiaomi

It has been an outstanding year or Xiaomi with the Chinese manufacturer selling the Redmi Note 4 and the Redmi 4 in huge numbers. But, given that phones like Redmi 4/4A and Redmi 3S are still on Marshmallow, it might take a long time for them to get Android O.

3. Motorola

Unlike the other devices, Motorola has a better chance of rolling out the update for the majority of its devices. Moto C series, Moto E4 series, Moto G5 series, Moto G4 series, Moto Z2 series and Moto Z series could be the first phones to support Android O.

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4. Lenovo

The recently launched K8 Note will support Android O but the same cannot be said for any of the other models. The K6 Note, K6 Power, P2, and Z2 Plus are running Nougat, but won’t receive any further updates.

5. HTC

HTC’s U11 is one of the best phones on the market and could also be one of the first few phones to pick Android O update, along with the U Ultra and last year’s HTC 10.