OnePlus phones score high on performance and reliability in user survey, more users likely to switch to it

OnePlus phones score high on performance and reliability in user survey, more users likely to switch to it


This is something that we often see when we talk to OnePlus users. They tend to love their phones, and rate them high on reliability, performance, quality of software, and even camera. Now, a survey that saw participation of over 15000 users has found that OnePlus users are most satisfied of the lot.

In the survey conducted by 91Mobiles, a tech content website, nearly 80 per cent OnePlus users said that they were satisfied with their phone. This was ahead of even the satisfaction rate among the iPhone users. The iPhone was third best on this count Realme was second with 65 per cent of its users satisfied with their phones as 63 per cent iPhone users said that they were happy with their phone.

The survey finds that currently, Xiaomi is the most popular brand in India, with a market share of 23 per cent, followed by Samsung at 21 per cent. But at the same time, there is something interesting that the survey apparently throws up. It’s about the future. The survey found that while most of the brands, including Xiaomi, may end up losing market share, brands like OnePlus, Apple and Realme are set to grow. If the figures match this prediction, OnePlus may end up with market share of little over 18 per cent in future, ahead of all other smartphone companies.

This is because a lot of phone users are and this is according to the survey greedily looking at a OnePlus phone. The survey apparently asked users which phone they want to buy next and 12 per cent of all respondents pointed at the OnePlus. In other words, if OnePlus holds on to its current market share, and then adds the number of users that want its phone next, it may end up being the top phone company in India. Yes, it is the future and it is hard to predict since there are many variables but it does show that a OnePlus phone is something that people desire. In this desirability score, the next two brands after OnePlus, according to the survey, are Apple and Realme.

As for the reasons behind the desirability for a OnePlus phone, we think the survey also hints at the reasons. Phones like the OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7T Pro, OnePlus 6T and particularly the just launched OnePlus 7T are extremely good phones. And just how good they are can be seen from what OnePlus users reveal. Here is what the 91Mobiles survey finds:

The survey finds that OnePlus users are particularly happy with the battery performance of the phone, with around 70 per cent of them giving it a thumbs up. Only Asus, which sees 75 per cent of its users liking the battery performance of their phone, is ahead.

When it comes to performance, OnePlus leads the chart with 88 per cent of OnePlus phone users finding the performance of their devices satisfactory. Apple is second here with 80 per cent of iPhone users happy with their phone’s performance.

While we tech writers and bloggers discuss the nuances and pixel peep into the kind of photos that devices like OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 6T click, OnePlus users are apparently happy with the camera performance of their phones. Nearly 70 per cent OnePlus users like the photos their phone clicks. Only Apple is ahead with nearly 72 per cent iPhone users liking the camera in their phones.

Given that OnePlus is a premium brand, albeit relatively more affordable than other similar brands, it also scores big in a few other key areas. In service quality, it leads the list with nearly 79 per cent users happy with its service. It also leads the list of brands delivering best value with nearly 88 per cent of users finding that they are getting their money’s worth from their OnePlus phone. And finally, it leads the list of brands that are going to retain most of its users, with 62 per cent of them saying that they are set on buying a OnePlus next time when they upgrade. On this list, OnePlus is closely followed by Apple which has 62 per cent loyal users.