Our Picks: Top Software Development Blogs

Our Picks: Top Software Development Blogs



At Apiumhub, we are driven by passion for technology. We are big fans of Agile methodologies and we all share the same thirst for learning and constant development. We regularly organize trainings and open spaces to share what we have learnt applying theory to practice, working on real software development projects. We believe that it is a must following new trends and innovations in the software world, therefore we prepared a list of our picks with top software development blogs.

Top 26 software development blogs

1. Dzone

One of the best software development blogs is Dzone. Web, where you will find all necessary information about agile software development. Tutorials, guidelines, tools and software insights for beginners and experts. Hundreds of publications, over 1M members. Top topics: Agile, Big data, Cloud, Data base, Devops, Integraton, IOT, Java, Mobile, Performance, Security and many more.

2. Javacodegeeks 

Here you may actually learn Java online. You will find Android development tutorials, Java tutorials for beginners, Java books, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy and JRuby news, code examples and many more.

3. Github blog

Best place to find examples of clean code. Also, you will see DevOps tools and best software development practices.

4. Toptal blog

Place for in-depth development tutorials and new technology trends. Here you will find latest information about Back-end, Web front-end, Mobile, agile project management, etc.

5. Geeksforgeeks

A computer science portal for geeks. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles.

6. Thedailywtf

Offers daily posts of user-submitted examples of bad code and software design. Good place to find examples and explanation of curious perversions in Information Technology. Basically, it is “how not to” guide for developing software. They recount tales of disastrous development, from project management gone spectacularly bad to inexplicable coding choices.

7. Docker blog

As you could guess from the name, here you will find all useful information about Docker. Case studies, tutorials, examples, updates, news and many more. Everything you need to be convinced using docker, but using it right.

8. Atlassian blog

Awesome blog for Agile lovers. It has some practical tips and approaches for agile software development; testing, integration, etc. Here you may find announcements, journal entries, status reports, news, trends, tricks and tips and many more.

9. JSplayground

Here it is a bit easy to guess again. This blog is about JavaScript, about React. All necessary tips and advices you may get there to be sure your Javascript project is going in the right direction.

10. Scotch.io

Scotch is a web development blog discussing all programming topics. Most popular ones are: Javascript, Angular 2, Node.JS, Docker, PHP, etc.

11. Twitter engineering blog

In this blog engineers of Twitter share their case studies, their tips, their findings and pitfalls. This blog is based on real examples, real projects. Here you may really learn from one of the best engineer teams in the world and know which tools they use and which methodology they follow.

12. Scala blog

Again quite easy to guess that this blog is about Scala. Scala updates, Scala best practices, Scala tips and examples.

13. Apiumhub blog

This blog is about software development & software architecture. Here you will find useful information about: DDD, TDD, CI, SOLID, Unit testing, microservices, docker, Reactive, Scala, Frontend architecture, backend architecture and mobile architecture.

14. Michael Feathers blog

Michael Feathers is the founder and Director of R7K Research & Conveyance, a
company specializing in software and organization design. Michael is also the author
of the book Working Effectively with Legacy Code and regularly shares his insights in his blog.

15. Allen Holub blog

Allen is specialized in organizational transformation & improvement, as well as software architecture.In his blog he shares his experience on a regular basis.

16. Devhumor

Yes, this one is related to software humor. Memes, pictures, jokes, code and other stuff from real life that make you laugh.

17. Mathias Verraes blog

Mathias is expert in DDD and you may find a lot of valuable information about this topic on his personal blog.

18. O’reilly blog

See how companies are using the cloud and next-generation architectures to keep up with changing markets and anticipate customer and business expectations.

19. Thoughtworks blog

Here you will find articles featuring an in-depth exploration of enterprise technology and engineering excellence.

20. Science Soft 

Very interesting blog for software developers. Here you may find information about high-quality custom software, Java, microservices, AI, etc.

21. Scala times

Once-weekly Scala news flash. All scala lovers should definitely follow it, because by doing it you will always know what is going on in the Scala world.

22. Martin Fowler blog: microservices

Here you will see articles about object-oriented programming. Microservices, refactoring, agile, continuous delivery and other important and currently hot topics you may find here.  

23. RisingStack Engineering

Engineering blog for Node.js and JavaScript lovers. TDD, callback hell, clean coding and other buzz and important topics are discussed here.

24. Codecentric AG Blog 

Blog with interesting articles about Java, Performance Solutions, agile, software architecture, continuous delivery, cloud and many more.

25.  AWS Developer Blog

Useful blog with articles about Java, .NET, PHP, Javascript, C++ and many more.

26. Mailtrap

All you might want to know about email development and infrastructure. Here you will find tutorials on building email functionality with various frameworks, email testing use cases, and tips, as well as technical aspects of email sending. They also explain email marketing for developers and even publish funny stories.

I hope you find these software development blogs useful for you! If you know other ones that deserve to be in this list, please share them in the comments section below! Thank you!

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