Snapchat could be entering the gaming arena

Snapchat could be entering the gaming arena


Image via Snapchat

Right now, Snapchat is the place for cringe-worthy listicles, silly photos, and keeping up with your friends as you share snap after snap with that dog filter. It could, however, end up being a major source for gaming in the near future.

Reuters reports that the social media outfit Snap, by way of investor Tencent, could be looking to gaming as a source to help bolster the company’s revenue and bottom line. After Snap’s announcement that Tencent had acquired 145.8 million of its shares, it was immediately unclear to followers how a denizen like Tencent might leverage Snap in terms of gaming.

It’s still unclear what kind of gaming ideas may come of the union, and Snap didn’t provide a comment to Reuters at the time of the story. But the company has gone on record stating that it looks forward to sharing “ideas and experiences” with Tencent in the future, having been “long inspired by the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of Tencent” and “grateful” to continue the company’s working relationship that came into being four years ago.

For a bit of perspective, Tencent owns Riot Games (League of Legends) and Supercell (Clash of Clans), as well as a stake in Epic Games, so there are plenty of gaming studios at its disposal in addition to Snap. Unfortunately, there are no additional details as to what this new partnership could entail going forward. There could be more information coming down the pipeline soon, so keep an eye on those Snap stories as the weeks wear on.