Sponsors fail to repair surveillance cameras

Sponsors fail to repair surveillance cameras


With sponsors failing to carry out maintenance of several surveillance cameras, the police have decided to seek funds from State Government for the same. Funds under the Smart City project are also expected.

According to a senior official, surveillance cameras are installed at 70 key locations in the city.

Some of the locations have up to four cameras. The annual maintenance of many cameras have not taken place. Some of them have become defunct.

A meeting of those who have sponsored the cameras will be called soon to discuss the matter.

If they are not interested in maintenance of the camera, advertisement boards placed by them at signals will be removed, said the official.

Advertisements are placed at several signals in the city which is against the norms prescribed by the Indian Road Congress (IRC). The IRC manual stipulates that sign boards, and signal posts should not carry any advertisements. It says that advertisements should only be placed parallel to the road, and 100 m away from junctions.