Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual Private Server Hosting

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A Virtual Private Server is a machine developed by the Internet Hosting Service. As it runs its own copy of Operating System, it provides the same freedom as the other dedicated server but at a reduced cost. The INDIGIT provides a variety of VPS Hosting with a 24-hour technical support. You can use a VPS for the email server, radio server, online gaming servers, backup and some other server also. The VPS acts as a solution to Shared Hosting as it has greater memory capacity and CPU resources. You can use any distribution of Linux from Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, and others but for a web hosting environment, it is recommended more often to use CentOS.

Before you know about the plans available for VPS, you must also know the benefits of using VPS. Some of the benefits of using VPS are mentioned below:

  • Fully Configurable: It offers a complete control of the dedicated server by providing you a root access to the VPS. You can install custom modules, get guaranteed features for the website, and all the amazing features of a dedicated server at a minimal price.
  • Increase Resources: it offers that the users only have to pay for the features that they use. In this situation, the users will opt to increase disk memory and RAM only when it is essential. The resources can be advanced and increased with a few simple clicks by upgrading the plans instantly.
  • Stability and Safety: With the multiple layers of the firewall and security, the VPS housed servers will make sure that the data is protected even in the cases of failure. The VPS uses the RAID 10 for the protection and redundancy of data.

To get your VPS today you only have to contact the INDIGIT once and they will get to you as soon as possible. The INDIGIT offers a fast and effective deploy process. The users have to select the VPS that suits their needs and requirements. Tell the support team of INDIGIT and they will configure the VPS according to the specific user requirements. You only have to make the payment only after you confirm the hosting package. Then the purchase will be finalized and you will have to make the payment. Soon after you make the payment, you will get the details of your VPS host by email and your accommodation will be ready to use.

The VPS Linux plan allows the user to formulate good content management with the help of best panel present in the market.  The SolusVM panel is provided which is also connected to the integrated Client Area. The INDIGIT has ensured that if in any case, the plans you choose don’t have any space than the plan can be upgraded to a higher level. The upgrade process of is also easy and you won’t even need to reinstall your VPS host.

The INDIGIT VPS hosting accommodation has enabled the users to take the advantage of a unique dedicated server with reduced cost.