30 Awesome Review Bloggers You Should Follow Now

30 Awesome Review Bloggers You Should Follow Now

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30 Awesome Review Bloggers You Should Follow Now | SurveyBee.net

How many times have you wandered cluelessly around the supermarket trying to buy the right product? How much time did you spend on the internet looking for the perfect vacation, trying to make it fit your budget, your family’s preferences and so on? Should we also mention the times you waited impatiently for that impossible-to-get restaurant reservation, and the food turned out to be less than you expected?

It happens even to the most informed and organized of us. In our consumption-obsessed society, every day seems to be a search for the right product. The food you eat, the places you go for entertainment, the movies you watch and the books you read, the latest products for child care, fashion and beauty items – all of these are part of our daily routine.

Choosing all these can be hard. We enjoy the benefits of easy access to digital information, but, most of the time, the infinite options end up confusing us. Searching can take up time, effort and even money. Luckily, there are people who can come to our help. Either as a business or as a spare time hobby, many bloggers review their favorite products. Then they share with us their best experiences, so that we can explore the right options with just the click of a mouse. We have rounded up 30 of the best review bloggers of 2015 and got some insight from some of them on what are the highlights and hardest parts of their activity.

Tammi from My Organized Chaos

A stay at home mom who shares her favorite products for the entire family, Tammi has managed to combine business with pleasure in the form of her blog. “My organized chaos” has great advice on parenting and includes lifestyle tips, travel ideas, recipes and some amazing family photos. It may seem like a busy schedule, but the results definitely pay off. We asked Tammi what are the best and hardest parts of being an active blogger:

Felicia from Go Grow Go

Felicia not only reviews a whole range of products for the whole family, she also writes about parenting and how to keep your children happy advice. Her blog has it all: you can find insightful writing, fun recipes, travel reviews and some great giveaways. Follow her and get some inspiration for a busy parent life!

Enza from Enza’s Bargains

A fun blog full of useful tips not only about choosing the right products for your family, but also about saving money. Enza is a mother who works as a teacher and also manages to blog in her spare time. How amazing is that? She shares a whole range of product reviews, recipes, travel experiences, and also deals and coupons that she finds. Go to her blog if you want great advice for your family! So what keeps her motivated in this business? It’s the opportunities that come along the way:

Stacie from Divine Lifestyle

Interested in articles about family life, product reviews, beauty, food, traveling? Stacie manages to run an amazing blog, that connects with the readers, offering ideas and inspiration on so many levels. Whether you are looking for a new beauty product to increase your confidence as a mother, for a new product for your kid or a new travel destination, this is the blog to follow!

Kristin from Our Ordinary Life

This Southern California based mom has her husband’s support on keeping her blog active and her three amazing daughters as inspiration! It’s no wonder that her posts are filled with advice on how to keep the whole family happy. Our Ordinary Life really has it all: product reviews, information on the latest happenings in California, recipe ideas and even health and fitness tips for busy mothers. Want to know how she does it? She gave us some insights about her work:

Holly, Rachel & Jamie from Kids Activities Blog

A team of three amazing mothers who will teach you how to build a stronger bond with your children. Everything that you find around the house is used by these creative moms for arts crafts and children activities. You will find food, travel and organization advice among the whole range of products useful for your kids’ entertainment.

Jenilee from Eight in the Nest

“If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart”. This is the opening quote on Jenilee’s blog and it fits her perfectly. A full-time employed mother of eight, Jenilee somehow manages to keep an up-to-date blog. She writes about useful products for the whole family and also features some much-wanted giveaways. Let’s some insights on the best and hardest parts of her work:

Heidi from The Good Stuff Guide

Heidi founded the good stuff guide to give families everywhere advice on how to stay organized and have a happy environment at home. It’s why on her webiste you can find the perfect products for your kids, for mothers and for your home. And she has the help of another three happy mothers who contribute with blog posts. How often did you find it hard to make a decision on the right product for your family? The Good Stuff Guide can be the help you were looking for!

Kasandria from Southern Bella’s Ways

Another inspiring and entertaining family blogger is Kasandria. She is a full of life mother, energetic and creative, writing about travel, entertainment, saving up money, and many more. Her blog is pretty and witty, so check it out today for a mood boost and fresh ideas!

Sammi from Sammi’s Blog of Life

This blog offers great reviews, sparkled with descriptive pictures and personal comments, which make them reliable and interesting. The posts addresses various topics related to family life and can provide great insights, tips and suggestions for any parent. What keeps Sammi going?

Jamie from The Perpetual Page-Turner

Jamie’s blog is one of a kind. Focusing of book reviews of Young Adult, Adult-Fiction and some non-fiction, her posts are engaging and useful. She can easily convince the readers of reading a book, if it’s something she really enjoyed. She is honest, enthusiastic and close to her readers, and this makes her blog unique and entertaining. In need for book inspiration?

Yuri from Bookswept

Yuri’s blog opens a fantasy door to a world of book, presented through profound quotes and expressive images. There is a magical vibe about this blog, and it incites the reader to reflect on the topics addressed. For the day dreamers and bookworms out there, it’s a blog to follow. Read below Yuri’s comments about her blogging career.

Julie from Booking Mama

A mother of two, passionate about books, is sharing her opinions on this simple and entertaining book blog. It’s a good place to go for books inspiration, finding honest reviews on books you’re considering or ideas for what to read with your child.

Sheila from The Deliberate Reader

The motto of this blog sums it up very well: “because good books shouldn’t be hard to find”. Sheila covers books on various genres, offering honest and straight-forward reviews. She is aiming at helping readers connect with books they might love, giving useful tips on finding good books, how to make more time for reading and many other topics.

Eden from Mint Notion

With impressive travel reviews on her blog, Eden has traveled all over the world at only 26. From all parts of the US and Canada to Europe and Asia, Eden definitely offers a fresh perspective- hence, the name Mint Notion, as she explains on the blog. And the best part is that she gives great advice on how to travel on a budget, so you can easily get inspiration for your next adventure. It is a delight to her to see that others are motivated to travel after reading her blog:

Caroline from Caroline in The City

Caroline has pursued her dream to travel and founded her impressive blog to share her numerous adventures. With destinations from all over the world, Caroline offers great advice on finding budget accommodation, so you can start fulfilling your dream to travel too. Her work is truly inspirational and her wonderful travel photos confirm that Caroline is one lucky girl!

Brooke from World of Wonderlust

Brooke writes about glamorous destinations and reviews some of the most coveted hotels around the world. She also covers airline, cruise and tours reviews, so there is plenty of creative posts to get you inspired for your next travel.

The Bender Family from Travel with Bender

Family travel has never been so easy, this is the feeling that you get when you take a look at Travel with Bender blog. Erin keeps the blog up and running with the help of her husband Josh and they write about their unique family experiences from traveling around the world. And they have an impressing list of destinations that undoubtedly will awaken your inner wanderer. If you don’t know where to start, the blog also offers useful resources and product reviews for a perfect journey. It even shows you how to start a travel blog! Erin was kind enough to share some thoughts with us:

Cassie from A girl has to eat

Go on a trip around the world’s finest restaurants with Cassie, a self-declared food addict. Her amazing photos from her trips and restaurant reviews will most certainly make your mouth water and get to make time for check out that restaurant you have been thinking about for a while. She shared with us the highlight and the hardest part of her career:

Carlos from Carlos Eats

This Florida based Restaurant reviewer is the ultimate guide to Tampa Bay Area dining and not only.He is also a contributing writer for two publications and has received many awards for his blogging activity. It’s not surprising, considering the vast number of detailed reviews of restaurants that his blog offers. Warning: you will go crazy for the tasty food featured in his photos!

Gil from Gil’s Thrilling (And Filling) Blog

Gil Garduno has been sharing his passion for eating since 1995 and he has a unique style. His reviews focus on the New Mexico food scene, but he also covers a multitude of restaurants from all over the US. His restaurant reviews feature good food for every budget so it’s impossible not to get inspiration for your next culinary adventure! Although it’s not hard to imagine what keeps Gil motivated, that is getting recognition for reviwing delicious food, we asked him to share the best and hardest parts of blogging:

Katie from The Hostel Girl

A travel blog with a twist, The Hostel Girl offers numerous travel tips and focuses on hostel reviews from destinations worldwide. It is the go to guide if you want to travel on a budget and still have the most pleasant experience. We most definitely have to congratulate Katie on that!

Jeannine from Jeannine Morris

Jeannine’s blog, with its classy design, covers various topics related to beauty. She is a multimedia reporter, content creator and influencer, currently studying to become a health coach. Her vast experience and interests can be noticed on her blog. Readers can find there useful reviews on different beauty products, but the blog is clearly more than that. Her life philosophy is transparent through the blog, encouraging readers to become more aware of the connection between their mind, body and soul. The blog is an inspiration. What’s the taste of success for Jeannine?

Jasmine from Jasmine Talks Beauty

Jasmine’s Blog is a wonderful read, full of different products appropriate for all budgets. Nice pictures, swatches, good reviews and classy vibe, this is what you’ll be finding on her blog. A beauty from Manchester, passionate about makeup and beauty, sharing her opinion and tips.

Emily from EmilyLoula

Emily is running a wonderful beauty blog, sharing her passion through her posts. Her blog is rather personal, filled with nice pictures of different products and consistent reviews. Looking for beauty tricks? You can also find that, together with a big bucket of enthusiasm.

Karen from Make Up and Beauty

Interested in beauty, but you prefer something more visual? Then Karen’s blog is the one to follow – it is filled with wonderful and detailed videos, presenting various products, how they feel and how they look like. Her blog is very professional and attractive, so it’s a must follow for any beauty addict.

Mateja from Mateja’s Beauty Blog

Mateja’s blog is girly, with a catchy design and friendly language, becoming a source of inspiration for everyone interested in beauty. Filled with make up ideas, product reviews and good advice, the blog is very descriptive and creative, and Mateja is lovely to chat with, or just admire from the distance, as her pictures are stunning. She is also really into lipstick, so you can read a lot more about this product and various swatches on her page.

Jasmine from Classy, Sassy & A Bit Smartassy

Jasmine is a beauty blogger and a happy mother, posting about beauty products reviews, makeup and recipes. She tries out different products, recommends and shares her favorites, communicates with her close community of followers and managed to create a lovely blogging universe to share her thoughts.

Nashia from Makeup and Beauty Mayhem

In doubt of what product to purchase next? Have any doubts about how a product actually is, behind its glamorous packaging? Nashia’s blog is the place to go to have these questions answered. In a clear and descriptive manner, she reviews various products, taking picture of the entire process. She is devoted and hardworking, which reflects in the passion she talks about her blog:

Becky from The Little Blog of Beauty

Becky is an interesting British blogger, owning a little blog of beauty reviews. She is a specialist in nail art, so her posts represent a true inspiration for anybody interested in this topic. She occasionally blogs about topics other beauty bloggers focus less on, which adds some spice in the virtual universe. This is gem that is to be discovered, as Becky’s insights are useful and entertaining, so give it a read today! She shared with us an everyday challenge, that can occur when being a review blogger.