5 Things in Common Between Rummy Craze and Love

5 Things in Common Between Rummy Craze and Love



A person in love has often encountered the statement, ‘are you mad?’ and that really is not surprising. The fact is even rummy lovers encounter such harsh statements. This is because frequent rummy playing and craze for this amazing card game is quite similar to love. There are so many things common in rummy craze and love that people treat a platonic lover and a rummy crazy individual with the same sneer on the face.

Both Teach You Important Life Skills

You may have often heard people say that their friend started taking up responsibility after they fell in love. When individuals get attracted to their mates, they naturally tend to take life more seriously. This helps them develop certain life skills and a good sense of responsibility that was never a part of their nature.

A player of rummy Patti game is no different. When he gets drawn by the craze of the game, his main goal becomes to simply win the game. He naturally develops organising skills so that he can win the game. He arranges his hand in a proper order and plans his moves wisely.

To Win a Heart and To Win a Game, You Must Possess Ethics

It is easy to make a person fall in love with you. However, if you want your partner to commit to you, you must possess some qualities that make you worthy of him or her. Ethics are very important in sustaining relationships.

Most good players of Indian Rummy know that cheating is never the right way to win the game. Cheating may help you win a few rounds but won’t prove useful in the long run. A good player will be sure not to cheat. He will learn the nuances of the game and try to beat the opponent by using strategies.

A Life in Rummy Corresponds to The First Stage in Love

In the initial stages of an affair, both the partners try hard to impress each other. Some of these attempts yield the right results while some other don’t. When finally, both partners accept that they love each other, it is quite like acquiring the life in rummy.

Till the life is formed, full points are counted for the player. A life is a pure sequence and a real sequence in the 13 cards rummy game. Forming the life is the first stage in a rummy game.

Luck Has a Great Role to Play in Either Case

Whether you wish to win a heart or a game of rummy, luck plays an important role in each case. Even when two people seem to understand each other completely in love, luck plays an important role in deciding the fate of their relationship.

In rummy too, you may lose the game in spite of having five jokers if you fail to make the natural sequence or life. Thus, even the most talented rummy players depend on luck to win the game.

It Better to Withdraw or Pass Before You Lose Everything

We have often heard of love stories with sad endings where the partners lose everything in an attempt to win love that is far beyond their reach. This is the case with rummy games too. If you have a poor hand and see no chance of making a pure sequence, it makes sense to pass than to fail miserably in the game.

The moral remains simple. It does not matter what you pursue, love or a simple game of rummy, you must set your limits in either case. Beware of addiction and decide in advance how far you plan to go to win a heart or a game. If you know your limits beforehand, your life will turn out to be simple.