Verma D’Mello has sourced diverse fabrics from across the country.

Fashion designer Verma D’Mello has been invited to showcase her work titled “A paean to timeless India” at the prestigious World Fashion Week to be held in San Francisco, on February 20.

Sourcing diverse fabrics from 29 States and seven Union Territories across India is never an easy task. Her collection “Unity and diversity” boasts vibrant styles that are rooted in India. Each of Ms. D’Mello’s creations tells a story of rich culture and tradition interlaid with western designs.

“A lot of brainstorming has gone into this collection. The fabric, designs and creativity had to be put on the table before the outfits were ready,” explained Ms. D’Mello, who hails from south Goa.

She has proudly exhibited her Goan influence and has strived to promote Goan art and culture throughout her career in fashion.

Her collections stand up for causes such as awareness on the rights of the girl child and providing better resources for visually-challenged children.

She has dedicated her Fashion Week creations to the traditional weavers of India.

For her show in San Francisco, Ms. D’Mello travelled across the country to source fabrics and record the stories behind the weaves.

Her line is made from cotton, silk, jute and knits.

Goan band Rhythm & Blues has scored the background music for models to sashay down the ramp.

Ms. D’Mello represented India at Paris in 2015, with her collection of Ahimsa silk.