The day when love saturates the air is upon us again. Restaurants are hosting candlelight dinners, spas are peddling couple packages, and jewellery stores are offering irresistible discounts on love bands. But in the flurry of all things mushy, there are some who’re worked up about what to wear tomorrow.

Romantic dinner with your significant other, rendezvous over brunch, cocktail date, and an after-work tipple with friends/colleagues — if your V-Day looks like this, here’s what stylists suggest.

Dinner Date

Pranita Meht (Stylist and blogger and Bindigasm)

Trend Talk: Wearing red from head to toe or an LBD with a sexy back is pretty subjective. My style of dressing up in love for a dinner date is chic and sexy, with a smile to match, of course.

Do: One must always choose comfort over glam. For a dinner date, a little bit of glitz wouldn’t hurt.

Don’t: It’s best to go for a silhouette you have been well acquainted rather than something that could make you conscious all the time.

Styling Tip: I like to keep it classy on a dinner date. Instead of choosing to dress completely in red, I would opt for my favourite colour in a comfortable and feminine peplum silhouette. And to celebrate the colour of love, I would highlight my nails and lips with red. The classics have been revamped. It’s all about experimenting with trends that suit your style.

Brunch Rendezvous

Naina Ruhail (Makeup artist, beauty editor, and blogger at I Speak What You Love)

Trend Talk: Keep up the Valentine’s Day spirit and go for hues of pink and red while choosing your V-Day outfit. Since it’s a brunch date, avoid bling and opt for some fun, flirty ensembles.

Do: Stay true to who you are and wear what’s comfortable.

Don’t: Unless it’s lingerie, steer clear of Valentine’s Day-themed clothing. Don’t go overboard with red or shy away from wearing other colours. Add a dash of red/pink in the form of shoes or accessories.

Styling Tip: Keep it simple. Opt for prints for that feminine touch. Wear matching separates or a midi dress.

Cocktail Date

Deepali Kini (Stylist and fashion blogger at A State of Style)

Trend Talk: Let the conversation and your personality to be the highlight of the evening (while looking like a million bucks, of course). So I’d suggest sticking to silhouettes that suit your body and you’re comfortable with.

Do: Keep in mind the place you will be going to and dress accordingly. You don’t want to be wearing stilettos on grass.

Don’t: Avoid wearing something you’re uncomfortable in. If you’re spending the evening adjusting your clothes instead of enjoying the company, well, that’s a shame.

Styling Tip: A basic peplum dress is elegant. Add some statement jewellery and a nice jacket or blazer and you’re ready.

Buddy Time

Manvi Gandotra (Wedding photographer and blogger at

Trend Talk: Celebrating the day of love with your friends is an opportunity to put on a no-fuss yet chic ensemble.

Do: Experiment with something bold in terms of accessories. Go for comfortable shoes, who knows your friends might just drag you shopping.

Don’t: Absolutely no hearts, please. And if you aren’t a V-Day enthusiast you are better off avoiding hot pink and cherry red.

Styling Tip: I would go with a midi length button-down dress with a statement necklace and super comfy shoes.