Hong Kong election reveals city’s ‘new politics’

Hong Kong election reveals city’s ‘new politics’


Hong Kong’s first legislative election since Beijing overhauled the city’s electoral process marks the beginning of a “new politics” in the city, an analyst told CNBC.

People enter a polling station to cast their ballots during the Legislative Council election on December 19, 2021 in Hong Kong, China.

“We have to wait to see the final results before we know that for certain, but it does look like the pro-establishment candidates — who are focusing more on livelihood issues, social issues — are going to dominate the legislature,” Tim Summers, senior consulting fellow at Chatham House, told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Asia” on Monday.

Such issues range from housing and poverty to the environment, said Summers, who added that “we’ll still see a fair amount of contestation and debate about many of the livelihood issues that Hong Kong is facing.”