Internet Service Lehigh Valley: All You Need To Know

Internet Service Lehigh Valley: All You Need To Know

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Does your home or office need fast internet but don’t know where to start looking? Perhaps you are based in the Lehigh Valley and you are still using the dial-up internet? Don’t fret, there are internet service providers that offer a myriad of options that you can consider. All you have to do is choose the right internet service provider.

But first things first:

What is an internet service provider? 

An Internet service provider (ISP) can be any company that offers a variety of services for accessing the internet to homes and businesses. ISPs make it possible for you to surf the internet, shop online, connect to your mobile devices, work from home, and more.

Types of internet services mostly offered by ISPs include dial-up, fiber, DSL, and satellite. Let’s examine each:


Fiber internet is one of the fastest internet connections available to homes and businesses in urban areas. The problem with fiber, though, is that it is still not available in rural areas. Find out if fiber is covered in your area before contacting an ISP.


DSL uses a connection that looks similar to a phone line. It is much faster than dial-up.


Satellite internet is another option for people in rural areas. Because it’s wireless, it is faster than dial-up.

If you are in Lehigh Valley, there are ISPs companies that can provide high-speed internet for your home or office. Just search, “Internet service Lehigh Valley” on Google and choose the right ISP. Whether you live in Easton’s West Ward, Allentown’s East Side, or you can still enjoy high-speed internet.