League of Legends Is Releasing a Lengthy Annie Cinematic Tomorrow

League of Legends Is Releasing a Lengthy Annie Cinematic Tomorrow


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League of Legends players can expect to receive a new cinematic tomorrow based around Annie and the champion’s lore.

The update for Annie’s lore was originally teased just days ago when several League of Legends social media accounts changed their profile images to a burning flower, an image that later reappeared within Annie’s Universe page under the section where her lore would normally be seen. A brief teaser mentioning that Annie’s story begins in ashes was all that was provided with an updated lore expected to follow the previews.

League teasers kept coming after the flower image and the Universe page changes with the League of Legends Twitter account sharing a brief 15-second video that was much darker than the previous content that’s usually shared. It showed the child champion with another young girl, perhaps a sister judging from the quick scenes, a man who could be their father, and a stuffed teddy bear by Annie’s side.

After the video previewing Annie’s lore update began making the rounds on Twitter, the League account replied to [email protected]’s Moobeat while saying “We’re releasing a 6 minute cinematic, Annie: Origins, tomorrow morning.” An exact time for the release of the video wasn’t provided though, but the video’s release will certainly be broadcasted through the various social media channels when it’s ready.

Whether it’s a bit more or less than the 6-minute duration that the tweet mentioned, that’s still a lengthy time for a League cinematic. “A New Dawn” was just over 6 minutes when it was released in 2014, and that video featured a huge battle between two teams of champions including Ahri, Leona, Darius, Graves, Nautilus, and more. While Annie’s video may end up featuring other champions as well, it looks to be one of the longest cinematics dedicated to any one champion in recent memory.

Annie’s previous lore also presented the child in a family situation, a champion who was the daughter of two powerful individuals who possessed magical powers. She tamed a fierce shadow bear within the nearby forests and kept it with her, so it’ll be interesting to see if that part of her story remains or if Tibbers will be reintroduced in a different manner.