This Player Just Paid a Fortune For a Counter-Strike Global Offensive Weapon Skin

This Player Just Paid a Fortune For a Counter-Strike Global Offensive Weapon Skin


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There’s no question that players love exotic skins in video games. They help make their game characters stand out from the pack, and signifies their love for the game. But, let’s be fair here, some of them are a bit overboard when it comes to price – and a particular sale of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin has us wondering just what’s going on.

According to Game Informer, a die-hard fan of CS:GO and its surrounding esports recently spent over $60,000 on a special skin for the game. Yep, you read that correctly – sixty grand.

Items can usually be found in Cobblestone Packages, and one in particular caught the eye of this gamer – the Dragon Lore. It’s a sniper rifle skin that’s considered the rarest of the bunch in the $30 crates. They’re usually offered as exclusive items to ELeague Major attendees, so that shows just how limited they are.

There are also autographed stickers that are available within these crates, with electronic signatures of some esports superstars that are put onto weapon skins. And some of these skins even have conditions, with the best ones obviously being marked “factory new”.

So the weapon that was sold, the Dragon Lore, was marked as such, featuring a sticker “signed” by Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, who serves on the Cloud9 squad. They recently won the ELeague Major: Boston event, with Latham named the MVP. So, following that news, the skin rocketed up in price, and was sold to the unnamed buyer by a skin seller named Drone for the grand total of…wait for it…$61,052.63.

That’s a huge leap from the previous digital skin sales record, which was set back in 2017 for CS:GO with an iBuyPower sticker that went on an average for like $4,500.

Someone really, really likes their rifles, so they’re no doubt getting their money’s worth from the weapon, which you can see below. But, man. For like sixty grand, you can actually make a weapon that probably looks just like it in real life, and shoots rounds that resemble unicorn colors. Just saying.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is available now for PC, as well as Xbox One (through backward compatibility), Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.