Top Tips To Organize Your Garage

Top Tips To Organize Your Garage

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14 Garage Organization Ideas and Tips - This Old House

A garage becomes a holding place for a lot of items needed to maintain a home, which means it can get messy fast. Without an organizational strategy to maintain the chaos, your garage can become a dangerous place to walk around. Use some of the tips below to get your space as clean and clutter-free as possible. An organized area allows you to enjoy your garage because you can find what you need and possibly have space to park your car.

Use Movable Items

One of the best ways to keep your garage clean is to use storage items built on wheels. You can add them to wire shelving units and install tool box wheels. By keeping things mobile, you can easily rearrange your items to maximize your space and keep everything accessible.

Hang Things on the Wall

The things you need to keep your yard in top-notch condition, such as rakes, leaf blowers and shovels, take up a lot of space. Instead of letting them clutter up the floor, install wall organizers made to hold these items. You will see a noticeable difference as soon as you hang them up and see empty floor space once again.

Utilize Pegboards

A pegboard can be a highly versatile organizational item that can be installed on the wall. With a variety of hooks available, tools and other small items can find a home, which means you will always know where the hammer is when you need it for a quick fix.

Declutter Regularly

The garage can become a dumping place for all of the items you aren’t sure what to do with. Instead of letting it build up and become overwhelming, schedule a regular declutter time. Setting time aside to tidy up can help you manage the mess and ensure you know where everything is.

Enjoy your garage and make it work for you when you keep it well maintained and organized.