Vine successor called “Byte” coming in spring 2019

Vine successor called “Byte” coming in spring 2019

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There’s some good news for Vine fans or ex-creators. Dom Hofmann, co-founder of Vine, has teased today via Twitter that the successor to Vine is going to be called “Byte” and will launch in Q2 of the upcoming year. The platform will presumably be based on the same premise of the original Vine app: create or post video clips that loop forever.

More specific details haven’t been unveiled like: How long can the videos be? Where will we be able to share these videos? What features will the Byte app have? There are more questions than answers right now.

When Vine first launched, it was a unique platform that made allowed for 6 second videos that would endlessly loop which launched a new type of creativity given the time limit. It blew up in popularity and some Viners even gained international fame because of their popular Vines.

For a while, Vine was iOS-only until it launched for Android. Then, in 2012, Twitter acquired Vine and proceeded to shut it down in 2017 due to the platform not making enough money. You can imagine how upset fans and Viners were.

There hasn’t been another platform for sharing and reposting looping videos. There was always Twitter, but it just isn’t the same. Since then, some of the most popular vines have been immortalized as compilations on YouTube that rack up millions of views.