Why Some Women Choose to Walk around Armed

Why Some Women Choose to Walk around Armed

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There is a stereotype that many people have about the typical gun owner in the United States. In the minds of many, the image that is conjured up is that of middle-age to older men wearing flannel and carrying long barreled shotguns. However, that image is antiquated, and it is getting older every day. The truth is that there is a large portion of women in the United States who carry guns. Some carry guns for hunting, others carry guns and wear undercover gear because they want to protect themselves.

Some women have opted to get a conceal and carry license. Many don’t carry a gun because they want to use it as a weapon. Some see it as a clear way to show others that they are not a person to be messed with. A lot of women who are buying guns didn’t necessarily grow up around guns, they didn’t necessarily want to own guns as an adult, and they might even feel nervous around them.

For many women, the decision to get a gun came as a result of a close call with an aggressive person who might have had a gun. The flicker of fear they felt in those moments was enough to change the way they thought about their personal safety.

It is interesting that in the United States, according to recent studies, over the past 10 years gun ownership by men has decreased. However, gun ownership by women has stayed pretty consistent over the past decade. In fact, the NRA stated that between 2011 and 2014, the number of women who registered for classes has basically doubled.

Some women will carry their gun with them when they go running in the morning. They may enjoy running in the dark, but they feel trepidation because of accounts they’ve heard of others who have had unfortunate encounters. They do so because they want to know that if needed they have the ability to protect their family against a threat.

Many of these women, along with many men, benefit from the training provided at gun ranges. This training gives them the confidence that they need to safely handle a gun in self-defense.

If the challenges that are currently facing society when it comes to safety, especially safety for women, continues, it is likely that gun ownership among women will also continue to rise.