13 Tech Experts Predict The Industry’s Biggest Challenges In 2019

13 Tech Experts Predict The Industry’s Biggest Challenges In 2019

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The technology industry is constantly evolving, with new products and features being released faster than ever. All this change is exciting, especially for the innovative companies behind today’s latest technologies. However, it’s also incredibly challenging to keep up with cutting-edge competitors, cybersecurity issues and a changing regulatory landscape.

The experts at Forbes Technology Council know how difficult it can be to get ahead of the curve in this industry. According to a panel of our members, here are 13 of the biggest challenges facing tech companies in 2019.

1. Market Incorporation

I think we are developing new technologies at an accelerated rate without being able to fully incorporate them into existing products. Artificial intelligence (AI) and voice control are the best examples of two developments with tremendous investment and effort put in, but with negligible impact on the market so far. I think this gap will continue to grow in 2019, and we desperately need to reduce it. – Nacho De Marco, BairesDev

2. Finding Talent

Talent is the main driver of execution and innovation. The biggest challenge that the tech startups are facing these days is to be able to find great talent, since it’s more globally distributed than ever, and retain it due to fierce competition in most tech hubs. Companies that are able to be efficient with remote teams and build strong cultures have more chances to succeed. – Maria Alegre, chartboost.com

3. Balancing The Risks And Rewards Of AI

While the promise of AI is growing by the hour, there is also growing concern on the potential hazard AI can create when not applied cautiously. A balancing act of AI application is the No. 1 challenge and a huge uphill task that the technology industry will have to address in 2019. – Suresh Sambandam, KiSSFLOW